By now everyone should have heard about the stupidly ignorant remarks made by John Laws regarding Chinese drivers being the worst in the world. He says that people should not find his comments offensive because what he is saying is the truth, not opinion. Sorry John, your remarks were just plain moronic with no hint of truth about them whatsoever. (Don’t be offended by what I say John, as I am merely stating truth, not opinion!) While Chinese people have been stereotyped as being bad drivers, I have found in my experience that there are other people who drive much, much worse.

I have never found what the appeal of John Laws is. Perhaps it is because I am from Melbourne, where our talk back radio presenters, with the exception of Derryn Hinch, use a little more common sense and intelligence in their comments than those who hail from the Sydney. I find it hard to take people such as John Laws or Alan Jones seriously, as they seem to use very little research when they make their on-air rants. They just seem to make things up as they go along. I prefer to be well-informed and would rather hear from a person who knows what they are talking about, not someone who is less informed than I am. This is the truth, not opinion, so don’t be offended, live with it!